Hi there, have you heard about gitter.im?

it's a very neat tool, the problem is that all messaging history, mainly about open-sourced projects, are stored in a closed-sourced environment.

I think this is a problem.

So I have an idea, what if we could create an open-sourced alternative, store all these conversations using git notes and then surface them with a simple, yet modular UI?

There is a lot of things that needs to be done, all of them to be honest. :)

How I envision it to work.

First, prepare repo:
  1. create an orphan branch for git notes
  2. auth repo with a git.chat
  3. git.chat will commit comments to repo

Then, client-side:
  1. visit git.chat/organization/project
  2. auth (preferably with github)
  3. poll changes from repo every n seconds
  4. comments get committed by git.chat

I will need your help.

please head over to github.com/reimertz/git.chat and start a discussion.

//PiƩrre Reimertz